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Improvement of Glossy Inkjet Canvas

Update time:2019-07-09 16:57:00Clicks:1371
Some clients prefer glossy canvas for printing for its brilliant brightness, and varnish-free. However, the most normal glossy canvas in markets do not show a bright gloss effect after art printing, poor ink absorption, or fast fading brightness after printing. This will make the glossy canvas non-sense.

Our technician team has designed a new special formula for gloss canvas coating, which makes gloss effect look brilliant, longer durability, and anti-scratching to achieve a real archival quality canvas for high-end demands in gallery, museum, professional art printing, etc.

This is our Glossy Polyester Canvas printed on Roland machine with newest Eco-Solvent ink.

Glossy canvas for aqueous inkjet is with the same features, water resistant.
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Email: sales@imatecdigital.com
Tel: +86 69671093