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Waterproof Inkjet Film for Screen Printing

This film is a PET-based inkjet transparent film, widely used for positive screen printing production purpose. As well, it is used for silk screen printing, plate-making, image setting. The screen printing film is waterproof, with water-based inks printing.


Product Inkjet Transparent Film Specification 100 micron
Ink Density 2.4-3.0 Dmax 143±2
DPI. Above 1,400 dpi. Ink absorption 100% (fast dry)
Waterproof Yes Coating Aluminium material

Available Sizes: 17”, 24”, 36”, 42”, 44”, 50”, 54”, 60” x 30m
Ink Support: Pigment, Dye

The 4 types of films upon different applications:

Milky Transparent Film Sandy Transparent Film Clear Transparent Film Clear Transparent Film
Waterproof Yes Yes No Yes
Ink Print Pigment, Dye Pigment, Dye Dye Eco-Solvent


1 roll per box, 4 rolls/6 rolls per carton; Pallet packaging. Customized OEM accepted.

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