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Product Information

Waterproof RC Silver Metallic Glossy Photo Paper for Minilab

Specs: 260gsm
Sizes: 4"/5”/6"/8"/10"/12" x 65m

Suitable Inks: Dye & Pigment inks.
Suitable Printers:
● For Epson D3000, D700 etc.
● For Fuji DX100, DL600, DL650 etc.
● For Noritsu D701, D703, etc.

Features & Advantages

Microporous RC coating, instant dry, bright white, ideally for professional photo reproduction, and various digital image output.

● Water resistance
● Special sliver glossy surface
● Microporous resin coated
● Brilliant colors gamut
● High definition upto 5760dpi
● Anti-fading for lifelike images
● Superb photographic image quality and consistency


1 roll per box, 4 rolls/ boxes per carton. Pallet package for shipment.

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