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Flexy Banner:

Matte Frontlit PVC Flexy Banner 430gsm

PVC flexy banner is made of two layer PVC and one layer high strength mesh. This is water-based Frontlit PVC flexy banner, with matte surface, for pigment and dye ink printing. This is the most popular advertisement material, widely used in both indoor and outdoor advertisement display, billboard, exhibition stands decoration, building murals, and shopping mall display, etc.

Ink Print: Aqueous Pigment, Dye inks
Available Sizes: 24”, 36”, 42”, 50”, 60” x 18m


1.Good smoothness, high bonding strength, stable ink absorption, high color expressive force, self-cleaning, instant drying, perfect printing ability
2. Weather resistant.
3. Temperature resistant.
4. White and bright matte surface.
5. High industrial strength yarn, especially suitable for large format billboards.