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The Popularity of Dry Minilab Photo Paper

Update time:2019-06-16 16:44:00Clicks:1627
Dry minilab paper is a perfect replacement for the traditional silver halide chemical paper, which is used in darkroom. Drylab paper is with inkjet digital printing with faster print speed, more vivid colors, and better environment protection, as well as lower costs.

Drylab photo paper is easier to use, widely compatible with series of dry minilab printers, which use "living color D6" dye ink, six colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta, which makes the output color more vivid and bright, and also breaks through the traditional color expansion.

So far, the markets demand for dry lab photo paper is sharply increasing, available in glossy, luster, satin, pearl, silk, etc. This will be the first choice for minilab printing.

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