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Professional Premium Inks for Wide Format Canon / Epson / HP

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Professional High Grade Replacement Ink Tanks for Canon iPF series:

PFI-706 | Canon iPF8400/8400s/9400/9400s/8300/8300s,

PFI-701 | Canon iPF8000/8000s/9000/9000s/8100,

PFI-102 | Canon iPF605/610/700/750/750/755 printers Etc.


1. Raw (ink) material & Chips from US with premium quality guaranteed.

2. Ink output effect and color gamut similar with OEM lucia ink.

3. Anti-fade on colors even exposed outdoor to promise the durability.

4. Withstand high temperature to ensure the ink stability.

5. Can be mixed with OEM inks if necessary.

6. No need to creat new profile, and directly change with new cartridges

Cartridge Volume: 700ml

Ink Type: Pigment Ink

Colors: C, M, Y, PC, PM, PK, MK, GY, PGY, R, G, B
Ideal Storage Condition: 10℃-40℃, humidity 40% - 60%
Top Replacement for EPSON Pigment Ink
1. Excellent Ultrachrome K3 Pigment Ink for Performance
2. Exactly match the properties of Epson Ink
3. No need to flush ink system before the swap, just directly make a change
4. No need to creat new color profiles
5. Quality Pigment Ink Cartridge with 100% compatibility
We are the senoir authorized partnership with Canon, Epson, HP. We also supply original OEM supplies. Just take a look at following:

Just send us email for more information.

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