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Dye Sublimation Transfer Solutions

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Sublimation ink can be printed and transferred on various coated media with heat transfer machines. Aslo there are two kinds - Direct printing tranfers for advertising banners and Heat transfer for garments especially. We provides 4 color, 6color and 8 color sublimation ink for the printers with piezo-electric printheads. The compatible transfer media includes bags, coated mugs, tiles, caps, tents, banners, T-shirts, stamps, etc. We provide you one stop solution for digital transfer.


How is Imatec Ink outstanding?

  • Color sharpness, high resolution, lifelike image after transfer.
  • High transfer rate (not less than 98%).
  • Print on professional sublimation transfer paper.
  • Good scratch resistance and washing resistance.
  • Suitable for piezo-electronic printers, with DX-4/DX-5/DX-6/DX-7 printheads.


Fluorescent Ink:

Flourescent Ink is a special sublimation ink, but only with the colors of Magenta and Yellow. After heat transfer with Fluorescent ink under UV light, the image is showing special shinny.


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