The factors to decide the inkjet Print Quality:

(1)   Color Management Software (Accurate Color Conversion)
(2)  Dots per Inch (high dpi required)  
(3)  Color Gamut (accurate color rendition)
(4)   Exact position of printheads  
(5)   High quality Inks (choose right quality inks, dye, pigment, eco-solvent inks, UV inks, etc)
(6)   Printing Materials
Quality media is very important for quality printout effect. RC microporous paper, coated paper, matte paper, Canvas, films etc are suit for different kinds of inks.
What categories of LFP inks and media we supply respectively?
Distributing: Original OEM Canon/Hp/Epson inks, etc.
Manufacturing: Compatible ink cartridges for Epson/Canon/Hp, Roland/Mutoh/Mimaki, etc; Water-based and oil-based inks in bottle.
Inkjet Media:
Canvas: Cotton canvas, Oil canvas, Art fabric, Silk fabric, etc.
Photographic paper: RC microporous coating paper (glossy, satin), Glossy paper, matte paper, etc.
PET Films, etc.
The advantageous features of our compatible inks:
Brand new and 100% compatible with OEM printers
Premium Pigment and Dye inks, and oil-based inks
Good stability, waterproof, lightfastness, consistent color
At least two years expiry date, with super fade-resistant
No clog to printheads
Why choose our inkjet media?
      ·         Water-proof, and good ink absorption  
·         Excellent color rendition
·         high resolution, up to 5,760dpi at most
·         Wide color gamut with European quality press 
·         FSC certificated for environment protectionism  
Why we aim to a stable Large Format Printing Solutions?
Our mission is always endeavoring to meet every need of customers in digital graphic industry. To form a one-stop solutions can help customers to get their interested and demanded consumable products in one place, avoiding seeking everywhere. Each of our products is strictly tested before leaving the factory to guarantee the quality requirement.
We hope our Solutions will help you achieve a lot in your business!



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